April 22, 2018

Off-Road Triathlon 2018

Hotel Partners

Danao Coco Palms Resort

A great escape from the urban hustle and hectic life, Danao Coco Palms Resort is gracing Cebu with another relaxing and dramatic resort destination. Located just 30 minutes from Cebu City, Coco Palms offers a distinctive blend of fun and soothing style befitting of its gorgeous sea views and calming breeze.

Set in a 20,000 square meter property of lush green and white sand, the resort boast of affordable accommodations, generous amenities, and World Class Cebuano hospitality. In addition, the resort is ideally located for weddings, receptions, team buildings, and for other functions.

In Danao Coco Palms Resort, nature is finally showing itself to us.

Elsalvador Beach Resort

Welcome to the official website of Elsalvador Beach Resort. This resort is a perfect place for family, friends or lovers on a leisure trip. Elsalvador Resort has 39 accommodation units equiped with great amenities.

To complement its excellent facilities, the resort also has a warm and friendly staff. Indeed, Elsalvador offers a lifestyle partaking of the marvels of nature and the splendor of the timeless gifts of the earth.

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